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  • Calculating @Steve Rizz:
    Rizzness: 100%
    Zestiness: 100%
    Sigmaness: 100%
    Current Aura: 209000000 Morbillion
    Current Soyscore: 1,990,455,263
    Chalantness: 100%
    /ohio/ness: 100%
    /jarty/cuckness: 0%
    ESLFNFPedoness: 0%
    Hyperborean DNA in bloodline: 50%
    Aryan DNA in bloodline: 50%
    • False
    Reactions: Oot
    You seem okay but a little gay
    Edit: Xhe's a faggot w/ cropped 'p as xer steam pfp...
    the world needs more pokefags like us
    lets go
    • Truth Nuke
    Reactions: Steve
    Pokefaggotry knows no bounds, if I ever met Masuda irl I think I would have to start bowing down out of respect.
    • Truth Nuke
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